Minnesota Trump Supporters Show Patriotic Pride on Lake Minnetonka

The reception for "Lake Minnetonka Boating Days" has been overwhelmingly positive.

via Sheri Auclair

Lake Minnetonka is a go-to spot for Minnesotans who want to enjoy the Minnesota Summer. The lake is especially popular with those who live in the Western Suburbs. Minnesota Democrats have been bragging how the suburbs are hostile to President Trump especially his lack of popularity with suburban women. Female Trump supporters, however, are working to prove them wrong.

Prominent Trump Supporting volunteers led by Sheri Auclair has organized “Lake Minnetonka Boating Days”, and encourage supporters to join other conservatives to enjoy Lake Minnetonka and display their support for President Trump and patriotism.

Supporters are encouraged to bring their own flags, signs and red, white and blue bikinis, shorts, shirts, and everything Trump.

The reception for “Lake Minnetonka Boating Days” has been overwhelmingly positive.

Some pictures below


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