MN Health Education Mandate Tied to Planned Parenthood Ignites Explosive Debate on Minnesota House Floor

The CSE mandate forces dangerous, gender-confused ideology on all K-12 schools. It promotes abortion, explicit and graphic sexual activities, and step by step instructions on how to engage in vaginal, oral and anal sex with never a hint of disapproval or caution.


NOTE: The pictures are censored due to graphic nature. The images are uncensored in the official planned parenthood approved book.

There were fireworks on the Minnesota House floor on April 23rd.   Buried deep within the Omnibus Education Finance bill (HF2400) is a two page mandate requiring “Sexual Health Education” curriculum, aka Comprehensive Sex Ed (CSE).  The language in the bill mandates CSE must be taught in every Minnesota public and charter school beginning as young as kindergarten.

The news that this mandate is the work of Planned Parenthood came as a shock to many. Child Protection League connected the dots early, providing alerts and social media posts, and the CSE mandate was suddenly exposed, quickly becoming radioactive!  Republican representatives revealed this ugly truth behind CSE and the graphic content of the curriculum on the House floor.  No democrat argued against it.

Not only is PP the creator of CSE, they actively promote it, endorse books and curriculum that teach it, provide CSE training in schools wherever they’re allowed in, and lobby for it at legislatures and school districts across the nation. Children as young as kindergarten are taught that gender is “assigned at birth.”   CSE 4th grade “age appropriate” materials are so graphic and morally reprehensible, even the adults won’t read them aloud.

But this video clip shows Rep. Eric Lucero doing just that on the floor of the House, reading straight from the PP-promoted CSE book It’s Perfectly Normal.  In just two days this clip went viral, accumulating over 300,000 views as of this writing.

Rep. Davnie (D), chair of House Education Finance derided Republican lawmakers, denying PP was involved. “Planned Parenthood is not in this bill,” he stated.  “There is no curriculum in this bill.” He scoffed at their charges. Rep. Peggy Scott (R) would have none of it, and her response on this clip has also gone viral.

The CSE mandate forces dangerous, gender-confused ideology on all K-12 schools. It promotes abortion (“bodily autonomy”), explicit and graphic sexual activities (ex, this promoted PP book), and step by step instructions on how to engage in vaginal, oral and anal sex with never a hint of disapproval or caution.

The mandate throws in deliberately misleading cover language.   It simultaneously requires teaching diverse sexual identities and orientations and how to “consent” to sexual activity, while requiring programs to “respect community values” and “encourage communication with parents.” This legislation does neither!  Hyper-sexualizing young children, teaching them how to consent and that their sexual pleasure is their human right are not community values.

Conveniently for PP and gender activist groups, the law also allows schools to bring outside “community organizations” with the “necessary content expertise” into the classroom to teach. PP brags on their website that they are “the largest provider of comprehensive sex education in Minnesota.”  

With moving remarks, Rep. Peggy Bennett introduced the amendment to delete the CSE curriculum mandate from HF2400. After passionate and extended debate,  every Democrat except two voted to keep it in. All Republicans voted to delete. The Bennett amendment failed, 58 to 73.

The PP CSE mandate now moves on to the Senate, still tucked into the mammoth omnibus bill that funds every state education program for two years. A conference committee with the Senate in the next few weeks will determine the final content that will head to the Governor for his signature.

Senators take note. CSE is an emotional wake up call. Until that House vote, the very idea that lawmakers would force PP and its ideology on children was inconceivable. Now it’s not, and the backlash is massive. The history of comprehensive sexuality education is well documented in this Child Protection League video. People have been alerted. Protect our kids from CSE!

Julie Quist
Child Protection League Board Chair

Bonnie Gasper
Child Protection League

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Julie Quist

Julie Quist is the Child Protection League's board chair.