MN House Republicans Propose more Parents’ Rights in Education

"The parent is the number one educator in a child's life" - Rep. Peggy Bennett

Photo From Rep. Bennett's Facebook Page
Photo From Rep. Bennett's Facebook Page

A bill has been proposed by MN House Republicans that would bring to vote a constitutional amendment for more parental rights in education.

The proposed amendment would solidify parents’ rights over control in their children’s education. The added section would read that it is a right for parents to choose alternative schooling options such as homeschool or religious schools, and that “The State must not infringe on these rights.”

The exclusively Republican bill would provide the option for Minnesotans to vote on the Amendment in the 2020 general election. The Question that would prompt the vote asks if parents have the fundamental right to educate their children in an alternative way to public education.

The parent is the number one educator in a child’s life. The amendment would simply protect a basic parental right already enjoyed by parents, while ensuring that parents choosing a public education also maintain the right to make reasonable choices in the education of their child, commented Chief Author Rep. Bennett.

Rep. Peggy Bennett is joined by 27 other Republicans as authors. The bill was referred to the Education Policy Committee, where multiple of the authors reside, including Representatives Bennett, Erickson, Scott, and Baker.

“Parents, not disconnected government officials, know their child best, and they are most qualified to decide what form of education meets their child’s needs. The liberty of parents to direct the education of their child has been upheld by U.S. Supreme Court precedent and international declarations as well. HF 4494 would define this natural right in state statute and ensure it is secure from provisions attempting to erode or undermine parents’ decisions regarding alternative educational options for their child,” said  Policy Fellow Catrin Wigfall from the Center of the American Experiment.

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