MN Lawmakers Ready to Push for Gun Rights

State Representative Jim Nash isn’t shy about his feelings on the Second Amendment.  Alpha News caught up with the freshman legislator during a permit to carry class in Chanhassen.  He’s not re-elected yet, but that isn’t stopping him from looking ahead to the 2017 legislative session.  Nash says he will be “introducing several different gun bills” in 2017.  

Nash says if he returns for the next session he will be introducing gun legislation covering “Stand Your Ground” and “Constitutional Carry” issues.  Nash says, “You should be able to defend yourself without having, by what says Minnesota law, having to retreat, in all practical situations.”

Representative Nash says that current law can be summarized down to “if you’re able to retreat, you should.”  In 2012  Governor Dayton vetoed a stand your ground bill the legislature passed.

State Representative Tony Albright of Prior Lake agrees with Nash. Albright says there is too much gray area surrounding Minnesota’s personal protection laws. Albright says Nash’s legislation is needed to protect citizens who rightfully defend themselves, explaining, “Having that precedent and having that background I think just gives everyone a little more assurance that they’re on firm foundation.”  

Albright says Nash has the support of the Republican Caucus behind him, saying this will be a top priority in 2017, stating, “I think it’s going to be top of the mind for us as we go in to the next biennium.”

Nash says next session he would also like to discuss a “constitutional carry” law, which would give Minnesotans the ability to  carry a weapon without having to first attend a permit to carry class.  

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Julia Erynn