More than 170 names of Epstein associates to be revealed in 2024, judge orders

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska issued an order to unseal hundreds of documents that would reveal the identities of individuals who held various connections to Epstein.


(LifeSiteNews) — The latest update in the ongoing court case against notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s partner includes a new court order for the naming of more than 170 people linked to the deceased pedophile.

On Dec. 18, Senior U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska of the Southern District of New York issued an order to unseal hundreds of documents that would reveal the identities of individuals who hold various connections to Epstein and had previously remained anonymous. Monday’s order suggests that the soon to be named people may be a combination of recruiters, friends and victims of the late financier and sex offender.

Most documents detailed in the order have been designated as “material [that] should be unsealed in full.” However, some are specified as remaining sealed to protect the identity and privacy of alleged minor victims and victims who have not shared their stories publicly. In such cases, Preska wrote that “the public interest does not outweigh the privacy interests of the alleged victim[s].”

The judge concluded the order by explaining that “the Court stays its order for fourteen days to permit any impacted Doe the opportunity to appeal, after which counsel are asked to confer, prepare the documents for unsealing pursuant to this order, and post the documents on the docket.”

The ruling is the latest installment of a case brought upon Epstein’s longtime partner, Ghislaine Maxwell, by an alleged victim named Virginia Guiffre. While Epstein committed suicide in 2019 awaiting trial in a New York prison for federal sex trafficking charges, Maxwell remains in jail serving a 20-year sentence for her part in Epstein’s pedophile ring.

The extensive allegations of the billionaire’s trafficking of minor girls to what has become widely known as Epstein Island has included suspicion and speculation of the involvement of celebrity and political public figures. Additional updates in the ongoing investigations of the allegations and charges have been revealed throughout recent months.

The case received renewed attention from the public in May, when actor Jim Caviezel promoted the film Sound of Freedom, which is based on the true story of former CIA agent Tim Ballard and his efforts to save children from sex trafficking. He told Steve Bannon in an episode of War Room that he believed the Deep State and mainstream media were collaborating to cover up the extent to which sex trafficking impacts society.

Shortly after, released documents unveiled that Epstein was involved in a money scheme with Bill Gates and others that was attempted after Epstein’s 2008 conviction of harboring a child for prostitution. In September, attorneys argued that the convicted sex offender had been engaged in financial transactions with the bank JP Morgan Chase, which was accused of involvement with Epstein’s funding of his pedophile ring.

Last month, U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee issued a subpoena to obtain the flight logs from Epstein’s private jet and JP Morgan Chase was ordered to pay $290 million to the sex offender’s victims, with a federal judge citing allegations that the bank ignored signs of its client’s abuse of young women and girls.


Jean Mondoro