New Hampshire’s first trans representative charged with sexual exploitation of children

Laughton was elected in 2012 in New Hampshire but resigned before taking office.

Stacie Laughton

(Daily Caller News Foundation) — New Hampshire’s first elected transgender representative was hit with federal charges for the sexual exploitation of children Tuesday, according to the Department of Justice (DOJ).

Stacie Marie Laughton was charged with aiding and abetting in addition to one count of child exploitation in relation to former intimate partner Lindsay Groves, according to a DOJ press release. Laughton and Groves allegedly had over 10,000 text messages discussing and transferring explicit photographs that Groves took while employed as a daycare worker at Creative Minds daycare, a forensic review revealed from Groves’ cellphone, according to the DOJ.

Laughton was arrested on June 23 on child porn charges after Nashua police were alerted about a juvenile matter and spoke to individuals who allegedly indicated Laughton distributed explicit images of children

The texts allegedly included four sexually explicit images of children who appeared to be three to five years old. Messages also discussed explicit descriptions of sex between the two partners and others, with mentions of children, according to the DOJ.

Laughton was elected in 2012 in New Hampshire but resigned before taking office. Laughton’s criminal history had been unknown during the election due to the criminal charges being made under Laughton’s legal name before transitioning.

Daily Caller News Foundation

Laughton has an extensive criminal history including charges related to conspiracy to commit credit card fraud, and was arrested in 2021 on seven counts of penalty for false information.

The current investigation remains ongoing, the press release states.


Mia Hernandez