Not The Star Tribune’s Headline: Black Woman Beats 92 Year Old Hispanic Man With A Brick

This week a 30 year old black woman, Laquisha Jones, was taken into custody by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for investigation of assault with a deadly weapon. She is suspected of having brutally beaten with a brick a 92 year old Hispanic man, Rodolfo Rodriguez, all the while screaming that he should go back to his own country. The attack made headlines around the country but with most media outlets reporting only “a woman” did the attacking, while emphasizing the ethnic identity of the victim. Some added in their headlines her words about going back to your own country.

Everything about this reporting was designed to convey the impression the woman was white and, with the alleged comments added in, the suggestion that the perpetrator was a Trump supporter because who else?

Eventually this bias by omission had to end but not before the saturation effect of the dishonest reporting had taken full effect. Read the comments to stories before accurate headlines emerged or replies to tweets or Facebook postings if you don’t believe me.

How did our brave Daniel Pearls at the Star Tribune report it? With this suddenly identity politics free headline: “Woman arrested in Los Angeles-area beating of elderly man.” Here they even had to strip out the victim’s ethnicity less one read the story, which did identify the assailant as Laquisha Jones, and learn the truth. Best not to alert readers to facts that don’t comport with their anti-white, racialized narratives.

I’ve often written, here and elsewhere, that media bias is perhaps more pronounced in what isn’t reported than what is. Ask yourself: ever seen stories about how blacks and hispanics are getting along? Blacks and Somalis? Asians and blacks? You haven’t seen them, or many of them at any rate, because it runs counter to the Regressive Left media narrative that racism exists solely among whites.

The truth is very much the opposite but if you seek the truth from media, local or national, you’re doing it wrong.

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Photo credit: ABC7 Chicago

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter