Number of Permits to Carry a Firearm Reaches All-Time High: How Do I Get My Permit in MN?

The number of Minnesotans obtaining their permit to carry a firearm in public hit a record high last month, reflective of a steady upward trend over the last three years.  As of August the number of permit holders exceeds 240,000, compared to about half that amount just three years ago.  But how, exactly, does one get their permit to carry? 

The Department of Public Safety says the first step is making sure you’re eligible to have your permit, which means among other things, being at least 21 years of age and being able to legally own a firearm in Minnesota.

The second step is taking a permit to carry course, and a simple google search can help you to find one in your area.  This generally means dedicating a Saturday or Sunday to learning about your legal rights and responsibilities as a permit holder, as well as basic firearm safety.  After the classroom portion of the course students test some of their knowledge on the range, showing instructors they know how to safely load, fire, and unload a gun.  

After passing the course you can then bring your signed course certificate and application to your local county sherrif’s permit office.  There is a one-time fee per permit to apply, and while the fees vary from county to county, they legally must remain at or below $100. The Sheriff has up to 30 days to issue or deny your permit – if you haven’t heard from them after those 30 days you technically have your permit until the Sheriff says otherwise.

Once you’re approved the permit is valid for five years before you’re required to re-certify.  Subscribe to Alpha News for continued firearm coverage in Minnesota. 

*Thank you to Andrew Rothman for assistance on the shooting range to make this video possible.