Reopen Minnesota Coalition asks businesses to deny service to Walz, Ellison

"We saw businesses in other states doing similar things with their governors and figured we'd join the fun."

Background: Boardwalk Bar & Grill/Facebook. Left: Gov. Tim Walz/Minnesota Governor's Office. Right: Attorney General Keith Ellison/Minnesota Attorney General's Office.

A group of businesses called the Reopen Minnesota Coalition has asked its supporters to “commit publicly” and deny service to Gov. Tim Walz. 

The coalition, which previously organized the unauthorized reopening of over 150 businesses, is asking its supporters to sign a Google document and commit publicly to denying service to Gov. Walz and Attorney General Keith Ellison.

“Hi small business owners, of all sorts. If you’re fed up with the reign of terror that Governor Walz and Attorney General Ellison have been conducting against many of you, here is one way to let them know what you think. Commit publicly to never knowingly serve them at your establishment as long as you live,” reads the Facebook post encouraging business owners to deny service.

“Signing up here is a public commitment to never again knowingly serve Tim Walz or Keith Ellison in your place of business for any reason,” reads the Google document. The names of the businesses who are denying Walz service are expected to be publicized once enough businesses sign up.

“Yes, if and when the list reaches a relatively substantial amount, we intend to publish the list. Many haven’t heard about it yet, but as word spreads, we expect the list to grow well into the hundreds,” the coalition’s founder, Darius Teichroew, told Alpha News.

The coalition has also released a list of 135 businesses that are open despite state orders, and has raised over $24,000 for legal expenses of reopened businesses.

“We saw businesses in other states doing similar things with their governors and figured we’d join the fun,” Teichroew told Alpha News.


Judah Torgerud

Judah Torgerud is a freelance journalist working with Alpha News to keep the people informed and bring the truth to light. Contact him at whqnu@nycunarjfza.pbz.