Rep. Ilhan Omar Suggests Trump Isn’t Human After Denial of Comparing Him to Obama

Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is making headlines again with her recent denial of equating past President Barack Obama and President Donald Trump, stating that only “one is human.”

Image Credit: Ilhan Omar for State Representative

This denial comes after Rep. Omar’s interview with Politico on Mar. 8 where she called Barack Obama’s message of hope and change a “mirage” as she recalls the “caging of kids” at our southern border during his term as president. She adds that Trump’s policies are bad “but many of the people who came before him also had really bad policies. They just were more polished than he was.”

Later, after the Politico interview was published, Rep. Omar attacked the interviewer, Tim Alberta, tweeting “Exhibit A of how reporters distort words” and more. Politico then published the audio recording of the interview that confirms Rep. Omar’s statement and she later deleted her initial tweet.  Tim Alberta tweeted back at Rep. Omar telling her “next time, a phone call from your office before the Twitter ambush would be appreciated.”

This behavior from Rep. Omar is likely to further the divide within the Democratic Party, as they have struggled between showing support for their fellow democrat, and condemning her anti-semitic remarks.  

All of this topped off a very stormy week for Rep. Omar as she made headlines for her comments on Israel stating that she should “not be expected to have allegiance” to them. Last week, the Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas (JCRC) also condemned Rep. Omar’s anti-semitic rhetoric.  



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Megan Olson

Megan Olson is a 2020 graduate of the University of Minnesota with degrees in political science and history. She works in public affairs in addition to serving on the Legislative Advisory Council for School District 196. She is also on the school board for FIT academy, a charter school in Apple Valley.