Report: Burnsville, Maplewood retailers hit with mass robberies on Black Friday 

A Best Buy in Burnsville was robbed by a group of up to 30 people.

A Best Buy in Burnsville, Minnesota, was robbed by a group of up to 30 people on Black Friday. (Google Maps)

Retailers in Burnsville and Maplewood were targeted Friday by “large groups” of criminals who made off with stolen merchandise before police arrived, according to reports.

A Best Buy in Burnsville was robbed by a group of up to 30 people, according to a report from the Crime Watch network. A Maplewood Best Buy was hit by a smaller group of thieves.

Police confirmed these reports with WCCO, who reported that the suspects fled before police arrived.

These brazen acts of criminality fit with a national trend of “flash-mob thefts,” which have been concentrated in California’s Bay Area and Los Angeles. In the suburbs of Chicago, 14 people were caught on video robbing an estimated $120,000 worth of merchandise from a Louis Vuitton store in under a minute.

Another Chicago-area Louis Vuitton was targeted in early October. Charles Ramsey, a former Philadelphia police commissioner, predicted that these robberies would spread.

“This is something now that I really unfortunately think is going to spread,” he said. “Right now it’s in California, but it will spread, there’s no question about it.”


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