Report: Minnesota abortion clinic failed to report 1,000 abortions 

Abortions actually increased in 2020, surpassing 10,000 total abortions statewide. 

Amy Hagstrom Miller, president and founder of Whole Woman's Health, speaks outside the U.S Supreme Court. (Whole Woman's Health/Facebook)

An abortion clinic failed to report 1,000 abortions to the state last year, meaning abortions actually increased in 2020 and again surpassed 10,000.

Pro-life activists initially celebrated the Minnesota Department of Health’s annual report to the Legislature, which showed that abortions dropped to a record-low of 9,108 in 2020. But then Pro-Life Action Ministries’ Brian Gibson noticed that Whole Woman’s Health reported zero abortions for 10 months out of the year — an impossibility, since his activists observed women going in and out of the clinic every day.

So Moses Bratrud with the Minnesota Family Council called up the abortion clinic and was told there was a “reporting error.” In reality, Whole Woman’s Health performed 1,256 abortions in 2020, an increase of 1,119 over the 137 abortions the clinic initially reported, according to Bratrud’s report.

With 1,119 abortions unaccounted for in the state’s report, this means Minnesota actually saw 10,227 abortions last year, the highest number since 2012.

Whole Woman’s Health said it has submitted a revised report to the state and could face financial penalties for submitting an inaccurate report.

“Abortion in Minnesota has once again crossed the 10,000 mark,” Bratrud said. “This is a big deal. Because of Whole Woman’s Health’s failure to report correct numbers, the people of Minnesota were misled into believing that abortion declined in Minnesota, when in fact it increased. We hope that the Minnesota Department of Health will hold WWH accountable for this ‘reporting error.’”

Abortions by year, 2008-2020:
  • 2008: 12,948
  • 2009: 12,388
  • 2010: 11,505
  • 2011: 11,071
  • 2012: 10,701
  • 2013: 9,903
  • 2014: 10,123
  • 2015: 9,861
  • 2016: 9,953
  • 2017: 10,177
  • 2018: 9,910
  • 2019: 9,922
  • 2020: 10,227


Anthony Gockowski

Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and wrote for the Daily Caller.