Republican Women Rule the Ballot in One District

Three Republican women in Minneapolis are on a mission to change the minds and votes of citizens in Senate District 59.

Small business owner Jennifer Carnahan is running for the local Senate seat, while stay at home mother of three Jessica Newville and researcher and writer Margaret Martin are running for State Representative in districts 59A and B, respectively.

The women are running in a strongly held Democratic district, but the trio is hoping to turn the area red by changing its current perception of Republicans.  Carnahan says that while she holds traditional conservative values, that she differs from the party on some issues that are important to the local area, stating, “I believe I’m a different Republican running in this district, so if people will actually get to know me as a person, hear my views, get to learn my background, I think that they’d find I’m the right voice for the Senate in this district.”

Martin says she hopes to provide balance to the heavily-democratic representation of the district, explaining, “It doesn’t even necessarily have to be partisan, it just has to be another set of values, another set of priorities being brought in to the situation.  Then it actually can create a more healthy political dialogue and better politics for our city.”

Newville also says she holds conservative values, but will place the priorities of her community first, stating, “To me, the Representative part, is not a Representative of myself or my party, it’s a Representative of my community.”

In these districts in 2014 Republicans received between 17% and 21.4% of the vote.  Subscribe to Alpha News as we continue to bring you election coverage in Minnesota, where every state legislator is up for reelection in 2016.