Riots Spread from Minneapolis, Suburbs Being Looted

"The terrifying thing is that this resembles more a military operation now..."

via CCX Media

The peaceful protests of Geoge Floyd’s death have turned into violent riots, and those rioters are expanding their range of destruction.

As the National Guard moves in to defend areas of the Twin Cities, riots have started attacking in more vulnerable areas. While many cities have set up curfews, they have not stopped destruction in places like Maple Grove, Crystal, and Robbinsdale. Riots identical to the one in Minneapolis have erupted all over the country, in cities such as Madison, Portland, Seattle, and Houston

“Ain’t nothing left here so when we start coming to the suburbs, when we come to the government center, then what y’all gonna do?” said a rioter, according to the Daily Mail. He continued, “So that’s just what’s gonna happen, you know – f**k the police.”  


Brooklyn Center, an MN city with a population of only 30,000, had 4 businesses violated in the early hours of Thursday.  “What’s really sad is a lot of businesses in Brooklyn Center are small businesses and they are just coming back and figuring out how to operate after COVID-19 and now this,” said Commander Garett Flesland according to CCX Media.

In Minneapolis, the rioting has gotten so bad that firefighters have been unable to work in areas without being accompanied by security according to the Star Tribune. “The terrifying thing is that this resembles more a military operation now as you observe ringleaders moving from place to place,” said Governor Walz reports VOA.

On Saturday night, the National Guard had deployed roughly 10,000 troops in the Twin Cities, in an attempt to quell the rioters. This was the first time since World War Two that the full Guard was activated, and a stark contrast from the 700 that had been deployed on Friday.

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