Rosemount High School accused of pushing left-wing agenda

"We know that we truly cannot say all lives matter until black lives matter."

Image from Rosemount High School website.

The staff at Rosemount High School have been accused of pushing a left-wing agenda by the parents of students.

Accusations against Rosemount High appeared on Facebook earlier this week, with parents pushing back against recent messages promoted by the school and its staff.

Parents complained to the school about a football coach wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt, an English assignment that spread false information about President Donald Trump, and a school video that says “we cannot truly say all lives matter until black lives matter.”

“Politics have no place in our schools. Allowing all children to strive regardless of skin color is what makes us Americans. Dividing our children into race, sex, religion, etc. is not acceptable and will not be tolerated. Teachers and administrators need to leave their political opinions at the door and accept all children as equals. You are paid to teach our children, not indoctrinate into a one-view order,” Jolynn Good, a parent of one of the students at Rosemount, told Alpha News.

“We know that we truly cannot say all lives matter until black lives matter. Latinx lives matter, indigenous lives matter, Asian lives matter, LGBTQ+ lives matter, and disabled lives matter,” Rosemount Principal Peter Roback said while reading the school’s “equity and respect statement” in a video that was seemingly shown to all students.

In another case, some parents noticed false information in an English assignment from  Rosemount teacher Sarah Osberg. In the assignment, students were told to read an article containing a false claim that when President Trump called members of MS-13 “animals,” he was referring to immigrants in general.

Parents have also complained about head football coach Jeff Erdmann wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt during practice.

He has since stopped wearing the shirt after the school received complaints. Erdmann, who teaches American government at the school, is not new to politics. In 2017, Erdmann ran for Minnesota’s Second Congressional District but dropped out before the Democratic primary.

Alpha News reached out to Principal Roback for comment, but did not receive a response. 


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