School board members object to parent reading from graphic book available to students

The room of parents erupted in laughter. “That’s exactly it,” the parent said.

Natalie Sonic, a parent of two children at Maple Grove High School, speaks at Tuesday night's meeting. (Osseo Area Schools/YouTube)

Warning: This story contains explicit content some readers may find disturbing.

The chair of the Osseo school board warned a parent reading from a sexually-explicit book available in the district’s libraries that there may be children in the room.

“Last month we had some kids in the audience and some of the language was offensive to some,” said Chair Jacquelene Mosqueda-Jones during Tuesday night’s meeting.

The room of parents erupted in laughter. “That’s exactly it,” responded Natalie Sonic, a parent of two children at Maple Grove High School. “I think we should continue, Jackie, because that’s exactly my point.”

Sonic then attempted to continue reading, only to be stopped again.

“Hold on, I would like decorum in the audience as well,” Mosqueda-Jones said. “I just want to warn you about who may be in the audience.”

Sonic again continued, reading excerpts from a book called “What Girls Are Made Of,” detailing a young teenager’s encounters with her boyfriend.

“I laid a towel on the sheet in case I bled, and then I watched Seth roll the condom over his penis,” the book reads. “I watched him maneuver his latex-wrapped erection as he pushed and tried to get inside.”

“She was talking about worshiping Jesus, but come on, she was talking about sex, right? Sex with Jesus,” the book continues. “That’s what she wanted, to give Jesus head. And I totally understand it. You want to consume the person you love, you want to eat him so he’s inside of you, so he’s apart of you, so he can’t leave. Chewing the flesh and drinking the blood of Jesus every Sunday in church — swallowing Seth’s cum, is it different?”

Another member of the board then appeared to interrupt, saying the content wasn’t “appropriate for a school board meeting.”

After Sonic finished speaking, parents in the room applauded her speech and were chided again by the board chair who threatened to throw people out of the room for clapping.

Following several more speeches in opposition to the district’s LGBTQ resolution that was passed last year, a man was thrown out of the meeting, a parent who attended the meeting told Alpha News.

“It’s sad that the school board can’t have this same common sense,” the parent said. “It’s sad.”


Hayley Feland

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