Scott Jensen claims Minnesota is in an ‘abusive relationship with Gov. Walz’

"When I look at this, I feel like we’re looking at an abusive relationship."

Image from Sen. Jensen's video.

Former Sen. Scott Jensen said that Minnesotans are in an “abusive relationship” with Gov. Tim Walz during a recent livestream. 

In a video explaining the checks in place against Gov. Walz’s emergency powers and why those powers have not been taken away, Jensen compared Minnesota’s situation to an “abusive relationship.”

“I feel like we’re looking at an abusive relationship. In a sense, Gov. Walz is telling the Legislature what we’re going to get to do and who we’re going to get to do it with,” said Jensen.

He claimed that Walz is doing the same thing with Minnesota citizens: “He’s telling you who you can hang out with, where you can go, what businesses can open. And this isn’t based on science. This is based, frequently based, on negotiation.”

Jensen continued, “I know for a fact that Gov. Walz, in his office or on Zoom conversations, has negotiated with various industry sectors. Now, I’m not going to disclose who’s been negotiating with the governor, but why would — in the first lockdown — certain industries be locked down, and the second time around they’re not?”

The Minnesota Senate has voted to remove Walz’s powers on several occasions, but the Democratic-controlled House has blocked the motion. 

The reason Minnesotans are complaining, according to Jensen, is because of this “abusive relationship.”

“When we see Minnesotans say, ‘We’re going to reopen, by damn George, we’re going to reopen,’ it’s not that they’re trying to hurt anyone, snub anyone, or kill Grandma. It is simply that they’re … saying, ‘You are not listening to us. We don’t have a voice. You’re telling us what we can do, who we can do it with, and whether or not we can pay our bills,'” Jensen said. “That’s an abusive relationship. Think about it.”


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