Senate Dems shoot down effort to fly only American flag over government buildings

The measures came after the Biden administration decided to fly a pride flag over the southern facade of the White House.

The White House hosts a Pride celebration, Saturday, June 10, 2023, on the South Lawn of the White House. (White House/Flickr)

(American Greatness) — On Thursday, Senate Democrats voted against a Republican-introduced measure that would have forbidden the federal government from flying any flag other than the American flag over government buildings.

As Fox News reports, the measure in question was introduced by Sen. Roger Marshall (R-Kan.) as an amendment to the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which would have instituted the ban for all public buildings, from federal office buildings and courthouses to post offices.

Although the measure did win a narrow majority, with 50 in favor and 49 against, it took 60 votes to approve the measure due to an agreement previously worked out by Senate leadership. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) was the sole Democrat to vote with the Republicans in favor of the amendment.

A similar measure was introduced in the House by Congressman Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), which was attached to the House’s version of the NDAA, and specifically targeted the gay pride flag, which was flown by the White House and promoted by the Defense Department during the month of June, which some consider to be “gay pride month.”

Marshall’s version of the measure, by contrast, would have implemented the ban for the entirety of the federal government, not just the Defense Department. It would have allowed exceptions for flags directly related to the military, such as the POW/MIA flag, as well as state flags and flags representing the nation of a foreign diplomat.

“I hope you agree with me as patriots, it would be right and proper that … on the grounds owned by we the people, that only one flag … the one flag that represents this idea of America, should be unfurled,” said Marshall in his remarks on the Senate floor.

“Nothing represents our nation’s sacrifices and how far we have come as a country more than our American flag. We must never diminish her message or prominence,” Marshall said in a separate statement. “Sadly, we have seen an uptick in prioritizing political agendas over patriotism, and I am concerned that our country is losing sight of our American values.”

The measures were in response to the Biden administration’s decision to fly the “progress flag” over the southern facade of the White House during a pride month event on the South Lawn. The flag, featuring the original “gay pride” rainbow design partially bisected by a triangle of white, pink, and blue stripes (representing transgenderism) as well as brown and black stripes (representing Latinos and African Americans), was hung in the prominent center position of the southern facade, flanked on both sides by the American flag.

President Donald Trump had imposed such restrictions on the types of flags that could be flown over federal government buildings, with those rules ultimately overturned by the Biden administration. The measures introduced by Norman and Marshall had attempted to codify the language used by President Trump into law.


Eric Lendrum