Somali Woman Grateful For State Trooper’s Help

Photo credit: Amina M. Esse

Random acts of kindness are everywhere. A stranded Somali woman is grateful to a Minnesota State Trooper who helped her fix a flat tire.

Amina M. Esse contacted Alpha News to let us know how appreciative she is to Officer J.M. Mohs for his kindness and compassion and sent us the link to the story.

In a posting on a website called “Banadir Post”, Esse explains, “It was about 7:50AM, when the rear tire of my car punctured while on my way to work this morning, as I was about to call my insurance for emergency help, Minnesota state trooper came to my aid.”

She goes on to say, “Officer J.M. Mohs stopped his patrol car and came out with a smile and a kind heart, after greetings he asked me if I had a spare tire.  I told him yes I do, but I don’t know how to change, and then he said ‘I’ll help you change the tire.  Do you mind if I get the tire out from the trunk?”

Esse asked the officer if she could take a few photos of him changing the tire.  She said that she wanted to show the pictures to her children to “better educate my kids and fellow Minnesotans about how blessed we are to have law enforcement officers who are willing to go far and beyond the call of duty to serve and protect us.”

“Stories about kind officers get attention around the country, but when it happens locally it’s even more special.” Esse said, “Thank you to all the law enforcement officers who continue to serve and protect our nation.”

Donna Azarian