Speaker John Boehner Steps Down

Official Boehner Headshot

(Washington D.C.)

Speaker John Boehner announced to staff Friday morning that he will be stepping down from his position as Speaker of The House, one of the most powerful positions in Washington D.C.  This move is coming during an already chaotic time for Congress as rumors of a government shutdown grow louder.  More than 30 House members have stated they will not vote for any bill that funds Planned Parenthood.  Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin has said he does not want the job, leaving Representative Kevin McCarthy of California as the current frontrunner.

In January, 25 Republicans voted for someone other than John Boehner, in one of the largest defections in the last 100 years.  Minnesota Republican Representatives John Kline, Tom Emmer, and Erik Paulsen all voted for John Boehner as House Speaker.  Many conservative groups spoke out against the vote for Boehner including the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance.

It is still unsure if the House will block any funding to go towards Planned Parenthood.

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