State Legislator Proposes State Color be Purple, in Honor of Prince

One legislator seeks to designate the state color as purple, in honor of Prince.

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Last week the state of Minnesota lost its most well-known resident with the unfortunate passing of pop music icon, Prince Rogers Nelson.  The memory of Prince will live on for generations, and he will be commemorated not only as the artist he was, but also as a Minnesotan through and through. One legislator is seeking to ensure that the memory of Prince lives on in the minds of Minnesotans by proposing that the state color be designated purple, to honor him.

State Senator Karin Housely (St. Marys Point) told the Pioneer Press that she is introducing a bill on Monday, April 24th which will seek to name purple the state’s official color.  Prince is well known for his wear of the color purple, and perhaps his most iconic song “Purple Rain.” The state color designation would provide symbolism that commemorates the work of Prince.

Many Minnesotans are commemorating Prince in different ways.  The Minnesota Wild utilized purple lights and the artist’s most famous music to pay tribute.

Kare 11, Prince
(Photo Credit: Kare 11)

Many other Minnesotans took to First Avenue, downtown Minneapolis where they left flowers, notes, posters, etc in commemoration.

(Photo Credit: Nina Moini)

Still other individuals took to Paisley Park, Prince’s estate and recording studio located in Chanhassen, Minnesota, where they left flowers and purple balloons.

(Photo Credit: Amaechi Uzoigwe)
(Photo Credit: Amaechi Uzoigwe)

Everybody has a different way of grieving and celebrating the death of someone they love. Housely has proposed her way. She believes that it is time for the state to honor an individual that has not only brought name recognition to the sometimes overlooked state, but also impacted the lives of so many Minnesotans.  Housley told the Pioneer Press that the state should commemorate Prince by making the state’s official color purple, because he was “a man that was born, raised, lived and died in Minnesota and gave so much to the people of our state as an artist and member of our community.”

Currently the state does not have an official color.  To be the first to hear whether or not the bill is passed by both legislative chambers and signed into law, make sure to subscribe to Alpha News.

Blake Kraussel