State rep deletes tweet saying she supports abortion because motherhood is hard

Boldon deleted the tweet after receiving significant backlash.

Rep. Liz Boldon/Minnesota House

A Democrat state representative with children deleted a tweet saying abortion should be legal because being a mother is difficult.

Rep. Liz Boldon, a mother of three children who serves the Rochester area in the Minnesota House of Representatives, tweeted Sunday morning that motherhood is the “hardest job” she’ll “ever have” and added that “no one should be forced to be a parent.”

“Being a mom is the hardest job I’ll ever have. No one should be forced to be a parent. #AbortionIsHealthcare,” she said.

Boldon deleted the tweet after receiving significant backlash, but not before others took screenshots of it.

A freshman state representative, Boldon is now running for Minnesota Senate in this year’s midterm elections. She currently serves on the state House’s early childhood, health, and human services finance and policy committees, and has a background in nursing and education.

In her campaign platform, Boldon refers to abortion as a “reproductive right.”

“All care that a patient receives should be left between the patient and their doctor — not politicians,” she says on her website. “Now more than ever, it is vital that our state legislators work to protect people’s fundamental right to reproductive healthcare, including abortion care that is free from penalty and judgment.”

Minnesota attracted national media attention earlier this year when it was revealed in a state Department of Health report that five babies who survived abortions were left to die, seemingly in violation of state law.

As a congressman, Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz apologized for “accidentally” voting in favor of a bill protecting infants who survive abortions.

A recent Alpha News/Trafalgar Group poll identified crime and the economy as the top two issues among Minnesotans — two issues that many Republican, independent, and even some Democratic voters in Minnesota and around the United States do not perceive Democrats as doing well on.

Abortion, however, is the third-most important issue among Minnesota voters, according to the poll.


Evan Stambaugh

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