Minnesota Students Struggle To Learn Remotely

"... one in six students never logged on during the week of April 6th..."

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Many Minnesota students have fallen behind on their education after Governor Tim Walz canceled in person classes amidst COVID-19.

Not only are some students struggling to keep up with their learning, 1 in 6 students in St. Paul hasn’t even logged into classes since April 6, according to the Pioneer Press. This has occurred despite state provided iPads.

David Perry, a Minnesota based journalist, has also highlighted concerns that some children may not have home environments conducive to remote schooling.


Additionally, many parents say they feel overwhelmed by a large number of unclear emails and confusing directions from schools attempting to create remote classrooms, says MPR. Teachers also say that their students are generally unmotivated to complete their work outside the structured format of a traditional school. School administrators meanwhile, report difficulties finding adequate software programs to host classes.

Despite this difficulty, Walz says schools are unlikely to reopen before the conclusion of this academic year.

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