Survey: Most Minnesota police fear prosecution, wouldn’t recommend profession

80% of respondents wouldn't recommend the profession to a family member. 

Minneapolis police officers in riot gear on May 28, 2020, stand in the alley next to the 3rd Precinct Police Station. (Andrew Stecker/Shutterstock)

The vast majority of Minnesota police officers wouldn’t recommend the profession to a family member, according to the results of a survey released Wednesday.

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association’s (MPPOA) annual survey of its 10,600 members yielded 1,242 responses and found that 98% of law enforcement professionals are somewhat, very, or extremely concerned about the risk of prosecution. This includes 69% who said they are extremely concerned.

An equal number (98%) said they are somewhat, very, or extremely concerned about recruitment and retention issues in the profession. When asked how this issue should be addressed, the most popular answer (45%) was “support from political and municipal leaders.” That answer was more popular than “higher compensation and bonuses.”

MPPOA said the most revealing finding was this: 80% of respondents wouldn’t recommend the profession to a family member.

“Minnesota’s law enforcement profession is in both a morale and recruitment and retention crisis. Rank and file officers are asking for — and need — community and political leader support,” said MPPOA executive director Brian Peters.

“This means recognizing the dangerous work they do every day — not just in a tragedy. Additional support is needed with compensation, benefits, and more to meet the growing demands of the profession. In addition, police want the law consistently applied to offenders, less [biased] headlines, and less reckless political rhetoric,” he said.

Another 65% of respondents said they want to see “legislation to hold prosecutors accountable for charging decisions.”

The survey was conducted from early to mid-February. The full results can be viewed here.


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