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4th Of July Fireworks Still Canceled, But Juneteenth Celebrations Were Allowed

Minnesota's biggest 4th of July celebrations remain cancelled due to coronavirus fears despite the widespread celebration of Juneteenth. "Juneteenth" is the name of a holiday...

Black Lives Matter-St. Paul Publishes Copies of St. Paul Teacher’s Blog;...

Black Lives Matter St. Paul made copies of Special Education teacher, Theo Olson's blog, posting the link on the BLM SP Facebook page, to show their followers why Olson is not fit to teach minority kids. But is that what the posts demonstrate?

Petition Started to Recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Cano

Citizens have organized a Recall Petition on to recall Minneapolis Councilwoman Alondra Cano after she posted the personal information of constituents critical of her participation and support of the December 23, 2015 BLM protest at MOA and MSP.