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Twenty Minnesota School Districts Send Superintendents to Times Square Conference

Minnesota school districts are sending 20 superintendents to a conference held in New York City this week by District Management Council. School district "DMC Membership" begins at $25,000/year.

All Washington County 10th Judicial District Judges Recused from $96 Million...

The contested election of the $96 million bond question hinging on five contested ballots has first delay: all 10th District Judges have recused themselves from the case since the Washington County Court Administrator was on the canvassing board.

19 Challenged Ballots, No’s Gain 2, Yes Gain 1 – SWC...

South Washington County School District 833 recounted the ballot question #2 votes on Friday resulting in the "yes" votes gaining one, the "No" votes gaining two, and 19 challenged ballots going to the Canvassing Board on Wed., Nov. 25.