Teachers union slammed for objecting to plan to recruit police from community

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis has since issued a direct response to the teachers union’s complaints.

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Minneapolis Police Department/Facebook

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis has issued a stinging rebuke of the city’s woke teachers union following its decision to criticize an internship program that would bring more diversity to local law enforcement’s workforce.

At issue is the newly created PEACE Recruitment Plan, which was approved by the Minneapolis City Council earlier this month. The $740,000 one-time award will cover paid internships for high school students from different upbringings who are interested in a career in law enforcement. The measure was included in Democratic Mayor Jacob Frey’s 2023 budget.

“These paid internships provide the individual with the unique experience of working, as an intern, within police facilities, and with the community,” the city says on its website. “This internship will support the City’s Strategic & Racial Equity Action Plan need to diversify our workforce as well as the policy priority to increase the number of Black, Indigenous and People of Color ages 10-24 years living in higher-violence areas who participate in high-quality youth development programs, giving more women, people of color, and people of diverse socio-economic backgrounds the opportunity to pursue a career in policing.”

The left-wing Minneapolis Federation of Teachers was not pleased with the program’s approval. On Dec. 16, the group released a resolution titled “Opposition to Youth Police Recruitment Plan” denouncing it for being a misuse of funds.

“The Minneapolis Youth Police Recruitment Plan runs counter to the needs and safety of our youth,” the group argued. The police department has “eroded trust with the public” and is guilty of “repeated, racist killings of unarmed” black men.

The teachers union also accused law enforcement of a litany of other sins, including sexism and being a tool of oppression. It called on the council to use the money for other projects, including opioid addiction treatment services, ongoing funding for youth health care services, climate preparedness, and housing services.

“The city of Minneapolis should be investing funds into the aforementioned social programs that get at the root of disrupting the school to prison pipeline,” the group said. The city should also support “programs that encourage our youth to become educators.”

The teachers unions released a statement in which it expanded on its opposition to the program and suggested police are guilty of “terrorism.”

The Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis has since issued a direct response to the teachers union’s complaints. In their remarks, they pointed out the hypocritical nature of the teachers for not appreciating their decision to more vigorously adopt diversity and inclusion measures.

“It is shameful that the very people tasked with ‘educating’ our youth are actively trying to stymie efforts to provide employment and educational opportunities to their students,” the union said.

“Instead of rallying against efforts to diversify the police department and provide opportunities for their students, perhaps the [Minneapolis Federation of Teachers] should focus on how to improve their dismal test scores and plummeting enrollment,” the statement continued. “The community frequently expresses they want a more diverse department and officers to be from the community, but the [Minneapolis Federation of Teachers] is rallying against the PEACE program that could give the community what they are seeking.”


Stephen Kokx

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