‘That isn’t what happened’: Barrett pushes back on Klobuchar’s suggestion that she cut a deal with Trump

"All these questions you are suggesting that I have animus or that I cut a deal with the president."

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Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett quickly corrected a suggestion by Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar Wednesday that Barrett had cut an implicit deal with President Donald Trump on Obamacare.

Klobuchar focused a line of questioning around the Affordable Care Act Wednesday afternoon, like Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris did Tuesday evening, pressing Barrett on whether Barrett knew when she was nominated that one of Trump’s campaign promises was to repeal Obamacare.

“As I said before, I’m aware that the president opposes the Affordable Care Act,” Barrett responded.

“Well, I know you are aware now,” Klobuchar said. “But were you aware back then? When you were nominated?”

“Senator Klobuchar, I think that the Republicans have kind of made that clear, it’s just been part of the public discourse,” the Supreme Court nominee responded.

“Is the answer yes, then?” Klobuchar pressed Barrett, who interrupted her.

“Well, Senator Klobuchar, all these questions you are suggesting that I have animus or that I cut a deal with the president,” Barrett told her. “And I was very clear yesterday that that isn’t what happened.”


Harris also said Tuesday that the Affordable Care Act and “all its protections hinge” on the outcome of the Barrett confirmation hearings.

“Republicans have spent a decade trying to destroy the Affordable Care Act,” the California Democrat said Tuesday evening. “Donald Trump named a Supreme Court justice who would tear down the Affordable Care Act.”

Harris, who is also presidential candidate Joe Biden’s running mate, noted that President Donald Trump has argued that the Affordable Care Act should be “struck in its entirety.” She said that the “Supreme Court could be just one vote away” from overturning Obamacare. 

“In other words, the Affordable Care Act and all its protections hinge on this seat and the outcome of this hearing,” she said. “I believe it’s very important that the American people understand the issues at stake.”

Harris asked Barrett whether she was aware of Trump’s intention to nominate a justice who would overturn Obamacare. Barrett told the vice presidential candidate that she “never made a commitment” on this matter.

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