Trump boat parade trend comes to Minnesota

"We have an amazing, amazing amount of support for our president here in Minnesota and we are going to do it.”

Boaters from Trump in Alexandria, Minnesota from Rep. Mary Franson Facebook page.

Supporters of President Donald Trump are planning to hold a number of boat parades across the state this weekend.

The president discussed the new political trend during his recent stop in Minneapolis.

“Boaters for Trump – this just started. It started with one great gentleman, he had a boat and they didn’t want him to put up a little sign on his lawn that said ‘Trump Pence.’ Right? Little sign. He said, ‘I’ll put it on my boat.’ He put it on the side of his boat and all of the sudden they had thousands of boats. Really what happened – it developed all over the country. Where there’s a lake, a river, or an ocean, you got thousands of them every weekend,” said Trump.

According to Guinness World Records, the largest parade of boats occurred in Malaysia in 2014 and consisted 1,180 boats as part of the Malaysia Day celebrations. Guinness World Records confirmed that it is reviewing an August Trump boat parade that took place in Clearwater, Florida to determine if it broke the world record.

At least four similar events are planned for this weekend in Minnesota, including one boat parade that will process from Prescott, Wisconsin, to Stillwater, Minnesota. A second is scheduled for Saturday afternoon on Lake Minnetonka.

A third parade will take place Sunday in Champlin while a fourth event is scheduled for Monday at Leech Lake.

Trump supporters in Alexandria paraded across Lake Carlos last Sunday to show their support for the president.

“Let me tell you, Donald Trump, our president, is going to win Minnesota,” Rep. Mary Franson said during the event. “Look at all these boats today. We have an amazing, amazing amount of support for our president here in Minnesota and we are going to do it.”

Alpha News will be on the water Saturday at Lake Minnetonka to provide live coverage of the event.


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