Protesters Paid $15 An Hour to Crash Trump’s Wisconsin Rally

BernieIn an attempt to create chaos and mayhem, Wisconsin supporters of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders allegedly offered individuals $15 an hour in a Craigslist ad to protest at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s Janesville, Wisconsin rally this past Tuesday.

The ad, which has since been removed from the Craigslist website, asked for protesters who could attend Trump’s pre-rally and main event.  The ad said “We are willing to pay $15 an hour for a maximum amount of 4 hours for this service.  We are offering this amount because of the current income inequality that we are fighting in America today!”  The ad went on to say that there would be shuttles provided to take protesters to and from the events and would provide signs for the rally.  The ad ironically says, “There will be a requirement of designated signature time stamps at the pre-rally and at the event every hour to combat fraud.

According to a report on Fox News Insider, “The Daily Caller” previously reported that several protesters at an anti-Trump demonstration at Trump Tower in New York City admitted answering a Craigslist ad paying $16 an hour for protesters.

On March 12th, a Trump rally in Chicago was cancelled after protesters crashed the event.  The Sanders campaign team said that it did not encourage their supporters to crash the March rally of the GOP’s front-runner candidate.

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