The debate over methods the University of Minnesota used in regards to fetal tissue research is beginning at the Minnesota State Legislature.  On Thursday Representative Abigail Whelan presented HF 2865 to the Health and Human Services Finance Committee.  Previously, lawmakers had been told by the university that they do not participate in fetal tissue research.  An Alpha News investigation proved otherwise.

Representative Whelan says that the University of Minnesota violated state statute, particularly in regards to how they disposed of the fetuses after performing research on them.  Representative Whelan said, “In my view, and in the view of many others, the university violated and is still in violation of state statutes.”

HF 2865 provides one million dollars to the University of Minnesota to create a research center that will only do fetal tissue research on fetuses that “died of natural causes.”  It also seeks to ensure that the university properly disposes of the fetuses.  The bill also allots fourteen million dollars to be given to the university in the future for more research, under the condition that the university creates this center and has it functioning within state statutes.

At points the debate at the meeting got heated.  Several of the DFL representatives argued against this bill, and claimed they “will fight it.”  The bill passed 10-6 and is moving on to the Higher Education Committee.  Subscribe to Alpha News as we continue to track this issue.