Trump Supporters, Police Telling Different Stories

Minneapolis, MN – Trump supporters say they were not only assaulted by protesters at the Minneapolis Convention Center Friday, but that police were told to “stand down” and do nothing to help.

Trump Supporter Henry Schemper was excited about the opportunity to meet Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, explaining it was a blessing to get to go to the fundraiser, saying, “I didn’t find out that I was going to get in there until 5:10 that Friday evening.  So when I did I was like ‘wow God answered my prayers, this is crazy, I can’t wait!’”

Schemper says when he arrived at the Convention Center he saw protesters waiting for him at the door, but that police did nothing to help separate protesters from those attending the Friday fundraiser, saying one officer told him, “you’re on your own.”

Protesters shouted at Schemper on his way in to the fundraiser, but Schemper made it inside the convention center unharmed.  However, Schemper wasn’t as lucky on his way out, saying protesters in masks pushed, spray painted, shouted at, and assaulted he and the Trump supporters, explaining, “they started stepping on my fingers, pushing me, spitting on me.”

Schemper says there were several officers present, and that on the day of the assault and on two separate occasions while filing a police report, officers told him that orders came, “from the top” not to apprehend the violent protesters nor follow up on assault claims.

In an issued statement police say they are following up on at least three claims filed after the assaults and deny allegations of a stand-down order, stating, “Any rumors or reports that officers were told to ‘stand down’ are false.”

A representative for Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges says she did not issue a “stand down” order either.

Schemper says he intends to follow up with police on his claim.  Subscribe to Alpha News for continued coverage.