Twin Cities’ Catholic Church Bans David Haas

The decision came from Archbishop Bernard Hebda, who banned David Haas from performing...

Image from Haas' Twitter
Image from Haas' Twitter

The Twin Cities’ archdiocese has banned David Haas, a contemporary Catholic Music creator, from performing due to repeated sexual abuse and harassment allegations.

Haas has released an apology on his website claiming responsibility for unnamed, unspecified, actions and encouraged victims of sexual abuse to contact the national sex abuse hotline.

“I never, ever intended to hurt anyone. I realize now that even well-intentioned actions may have hurtful impact and consequences. Through the help of professional intervention and treatment, I am at the beginning of a path toward greater self-insight, insight to help me face and truly understand how my actions have violated trust,” wrote Haas.

Haas’ allegations go back to 1987 when he was accused of making unwanted advances on a woman, which he denied, along with 2 in 2018. The archdiocese had responded to these by denying him a letter of recommendation.

More recently, the archdiocese had received a report with more allegations against Haas, some of which also go back to the 80s. These claims motivated the Archbishop’s decision to ban Haas. In addition to banning Haas from presenting at all Catholic institutions in the archdiocese, the Archibishop has also encouraged others to not use Haas’ music in Catholic services and events.

Judah Torgerud

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