Two Minnesota doctors speak out after facing repercussions for COVID views

Both doctors have faced repercussions for upholding personal liberty in the face of vaccine and mask mandates.

Drs. Scott Jensen and Jeff Horak appear together on "Fox & Friends" Thursday morning. (Fox News screenshot)

Two Minnesota doctors have gone on network television to discuss the repercussions they’ve faced for bucking mainstream orthodoxy on COVID vaccine mandates and mask mandates.

Gubernatorial candidate and physician Dr. Scott Jensen, along with surgeon Dr. Jeff Horak, appeared on “Fox & Friends” Thursday morning.

Interviewed by Ainsley Earhardt, the doctors spoke about their experiences becoming bêtes noires for upholding personal liberty in the face of vaccine and mask mandates.

“Health freedom has to, if you will, be the overarching, guiding light,” said Dr. Jensen. “This is America, and we have a Constitution [with] rights and protections for us.”

On Tuesday the GOP gubernatorial candidate posted a three-minute video to Twitter announcing that his medical license is now under investigation for the fifth time. Jensen told Earhardt he believes “various forces,” such as the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice, are being “weaponized” against him and Dr. Horak.

“If it’s happening to someone else, it could happen to you,” Jensen added.

As for Horak, he continued to maintain he is not 100% sure why he was fired from Lake Region Healthcare, but he surmises that his recent remarks against mask mandates at a school board meeting in Fergus Falls played a significant role.

Speaking about the medical board that gave him the option to resign or be fired, Horak lamented the fact that they were all his friends.

“I was just shocked. I didn’t know what to do,” he said.

In a Facebook post following his firing, Horak stated his belief that people have an inherent right to make their own decisions on whether or not to wear a mask.

“We live in America where freedoms are held close. I am a man who believes individuals have the right to do their research and decide what is best for them and their children when it comes to their health. I don’t believe governments or institutions should dictate that. It’s a position I’ve always taken. And when the science doesn’t make sense it’s hard for me to go along,” he wrote.


Evan Stambaugh

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