Two-thirds of Americans polled reject the Democratic Party platform on abortion

Only 34% of respondents said there should be absolutely no limits on abortion.


(LifeSiteNews) — Most Americans reject the Democratic Party’s official support for abortion through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, according to a new poll.

The University of Pennsylvania, along with SurveyMonkey, polled 21,730 Americans in September and October to ask them for their views on abortion.

“Do you think a pregnant woman should be able to legally have an abortion in the second or third trimester of pregnancy under any circumstance, as a matter of choice?” one question asked.

By a 2 to 1 margin, respondents said “No” to this question, which represents the Democratic Party’s stance on abortion. Only 34% of respondents said there should be absolutely no limits on abortion. Furthermore, 46% of Democrats rejected this stance. In addition to being a plank in the party platform, governors of major Democratic states including IllinoisCaliforniaNew York, and New Jersey have all put unlimited abortions into law.

The poll also found support for allowing fathers to have a veto over a woman’s decision to have an abortion.

Respondents were nearly split down the middle (49% against, 52% for) when asked if a married woman in the first trimester should be allowed to abort her baby if the “partner” objects. In cases of unmarried women, 44% supported the right of a father to object and stop the abortion.

Furthermore, Americans want to see the issue of abortion kept in the hands of voters, not judges, a finding that undermines the claim that most people support Roe v. Wade.

When it comes to who should determine “abortion regulations,” a consistent 75% super-majority in favor of elected officials or public referendum emerges, across all party affiliations. Most respondents favored a “public referendum” on the issue.

Most respondents did, however, voice opposition to prohibitions on abortion even in cases of rape or health of the mother. However, the question on health asked about abortions if the woman’s “health is seriously endangered,” not about generalized health concerns like possible anxiety or depression postpartum. Meanwhile, 59% said they backed abortion for any reason in the first trimester.

This is the latest poll to find that most Americans want at least some restrictions on abortion. A May 2022 poll of 1,000 likely voters found 67% of respondents said they “believe abortion should not be legal past the first three months of pregnancy,” including 24% who think “all abortions should be illegal.”

Another May 2022 poll concluded that only 15% of Americans support the Democratic Party’s no-limits stances on abortion.


Matt Lamb

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