Tyler Kistner Outraises Congresswoman Angie Craig

"While nearly 40% of Angie Craig's campaign money comes from PACs and lobbyists, Tyler Kistner's average campaign donation is $78.50."

Image from Kister's Twitter
Image from Kister's Twitter

Tyler Kistner, the Republican candidate running against Congresswoman Angie Craig, has outraised her in the second quarter of 2020.

Kistner raised $744,337 in the 2nd quarter and has $511,658 at the ready, and people on Twitter have reported Craig’s campaign asking for money in response. Most of Kistner’s donations were recent, coming after he won the GOP’s official endorsement for MN’s 2nd Congressional District on May 2nd.

“Our campaign has built a base of 8,500 individual grassroots donors who are invested in this race and are excited to make Rep. Craig a one-term member of Congress,” said Billy Grant, the General Consultant of the Campaign. “While nearly 40% of Angie Craig’s campaign money comes from PACs and lobbyists, Tyler Kistner’s average campaign donation is $78.50.”

Kistner’s Facebook campaign page has encouraged supporters to keep up the momentum, saying that “… Nancy Pelosi and her Dark Money Super PACS are going to start attacking Tyler at any moment.”

Kistner is running on right-wing platforms such as 2nd Amendment rights, deficit reduction, and cutting off all federal funding to Planned Parenthood. He has experience in leadership, having commanded 500 personnel and programs worth 100 million during his time in the elite Marine Raiders.

Judah Torgerud

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