Vaccine injured 6-year-old out of hospital after 121 days 

Milo is in good spirits but still has a "long road of recovery," his mother said. 

Six-year-old Milo Edberg was released from the hospital Tuesday after 121 days. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

A six-year-old Minnesota boy who was hospitalized two days after getting vaccinated was released this week after a 121-day hospital stay.

Milo Edberg was born a micro-preemie at just 23 weeks and has battled chronic lung disease his entire life. Yet he still learned to walk and his mother previously told Alpha News that he was alert and expressive in early December when a doctor at M Health Fairview’s Masonic Children’s Hospital decided that he needed the COVID vaccine.

He was “gasping for air” at home later the next evening and transported back to the hospital, where he was intubated and diagnosed with myocarditis.

These photos show Milo at various stages throughout his hospital stay. (Photos provided to Alpha News)

That’s where he remained for 121 days, until Tuesday when doctors sent him home.

“He’s doing good. I think he’s definitely liking being home and having a little more freedom after being stuck in a hospital bed,” his mother, Carrie, told Alpha News.

She said Milo is still relearning how to walk and probably won’t catch up to where he was until the end of the summer.

Carrie filed a VAERS report in late January and received a 10-minute visit from infectious disease specialists early in Milo’s hospital stay. They said they would file a report with the CDC and Pfizer, but Carrie reports that she still hasn’t heard from either party.

“I haven’t heard from them. I haven’t heard from the CDC at all or from Pfizer. I have talked to a few other people that have been vaccine injured and for them it took them like eight months for anybody to reach out to them. So I’m not expecting a call from them for the next few months. Hopefully at some point someone will,” she said.

Ultimately, Milo is in good spirits but still has a “long road of recovery,” his mother said.

Milo with his care team before leaving the hospital Tuesday. (Photo provided to Alpha News)

“He has a trach now and he’s still on a vent,” she added. “He’s on different settings throughout the day, but he’s still hooked up to the vent machine 24/7 so that makes gaining skills even like walking hard when he’s got this like six-foot leash that he’s stuck to.”

M Health Fairview previously explained that it cannot comment on an individual patient because of privacy laws and directed Alpha News to its FAQ page on vaccines for children.


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