VIDEO: Former Democrat who served in Minnesota House for 30 years plans to vote Trump 

"The Democratic Party today is interested more in power than they are interested in resolving the problems, the practical problems, that face the American people."

Steve Wenzel, a professor who served in the Minnesota House for 30 years as a Democrat, plans to vote for President Donald Trump because his former party “no longer represents the values and the morals” it once did.

“I would say today the Democratic Party is an assortment of radical, left-wing extremist groups that are hellbent to bring about socialism in this country,” said Wenzel. “The leadership today of the Democratic Party is so liberal left that I think there are many Democrats in Minnesota who cannot identify with that and they should be encouraged to speak up and leave the party.”

Wenzel was first elected to the Minnesota House in 1972 to represent Morrison and Crow Wing counties. In recent years, he has become “an active Republican and a strong supporter of President Trump” because the country has the “best opportunity under his leadership to revive the Minnesota and national economy.”

“The Democratic Party today is interested more in power than they are interested in resolving the problems, the practical problems, that face the American people,” said Wenzel.

He said there has been “such a significant change” in the party that the likes of John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey would no longer recognize the Democrats.

“I ceased to be a member of the Democratic Party because I felt it had left me, it became way too liberal left. Today I feel more at home in the Republican Party,” which “stands for individual initiative, freedom, religious freedom, pro-life, and a prosperous economy with an emphasis on free enterprise,” he said.

Wenzel said he fears that Biden’s plan for a “government-dominated economy” would cause “a collapse of the United States economy.”

“That happened in Brazil, it happened in Argentina, it happened in Cuba. Socialism has never worked in any nation where it has been used as the basis of their economy,” he added.

The former lawmaker also criticized the mainstream media, saying they are “in the pocket of Joe Biden.”

“It’s very unfair. Never has the media been so unfair toward any incumbent president in its history,” said Wenzel.

“If the president is reelected after all this effort they have made, it is my view that moderate Democrats will probably take hold and say ‘we can’t win with this left-wing mob,’” he continued.

Wenzel said he hopes Minnesota will return to a “philosophy of supporting the small family farm and the values that made us as a state great.”

“I’m voting for Trump because he’s the most qualified person to be president of the United States,” he said. “He comes from the private sector. I know he’s bombastic, he can be blunt and very unconventional and sometimes uncouth, but those are antics and his style. Those are not as important as the policies. You judge a president on the policies and the results of those policies.”



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Anthony Gockowski is Editor-in-Chief of Alpha News. He previously worked as an editor for The Minnesota Sun and Campus Reform, and wrote for the Daily Caller.