VIDEO: Minneapolis man mauled by pit bull set loose by owner in broad daylight

A man was set upon by a pit bull and its owner near the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis. The results were grizzly, but he kept his own dog and fiancé safe.

Left: Karbo's arm after the attack. Top right: Karbo, the attacking dog and its apparent owners. Bottom right: The pit bull and its apparent owners.

Mike Karbo wasted no time putting himself in the path of danger to protect his fiancé and their golden retriever as they were charged by a pit bull set loose by its owner in Minneapolis.

“We were just walking … going down to Stone Arch and these two individuals out of nowhere released their dog behind us,” Karbo told Alpha News just after the attack. As he spoke, he sat in the Hennepin County Medical Center (HCMC) with his arm sliced to the bone.

“I got between them [the pit bull and his fiancé/golden retriever],” Karbo continued, describing how the dog latched onto him with its teeth. “The dog was literally dragging me,” he said. During his battle with the animal, Karbo said he was cut “all the way down to the bone,” a report corroborated by a photo he posted to Twitter that shows his badly wounded arm.

Karbo also posted pictures captured by bystanders that show his reported assailants. One bystander even took a picture of Karbo, the pit bull and its apparent owners after the attack, seen in the bottom left of his tweet below:

The entire incident was also captured by a nearby camera. The video shows the pit bull’s owner waiting for the better part of a minute after his dog ran across the street at Karbo and his fiancé before getting up to restrain the animal. Once the owner arrived at the scene of the struggle, he reportedly didn’t help the situation.

The owner “never tried to take the dog [away from] Michael, he just kept kicking Michael,” Karbo’s fiancé told Alpha News.

The couple said the attack on them and their dog, Luca, was “completely unprovoked, out of nowhere” and they “can’t explain it.”

Luca the dog. (Mike Karbo)

As they left the scene, the men who were with the dog even threatened to kill Karbo and his fiancé should they give pursuit. “They threatened that they were going to shoot us if we followed them. They put their hands in their pockets like they had a gun and threatened us,” Karbo said.

After the incident, somebody claiming to have information about the event contacted Crime Watch Minneapolis to report that “Animal Control took the dog, but the suspect was allowed to leave.” However, neither Alpha News nor Crime Watch were able to independently verify this report.


Kyle Hooten

Kyle Hooten is Managing Editor of Alpha News. His coverage of Minneapolis has been featured on television shows like Tucker Carlson Tonight and in print media outlets like the Wall Street Journal.