VIDEO: Three Minneapolis shootings caught on camera over the weekend

Three shootings were caught on camera in Minneapolis over the weekend. One clip shows bullets skipping off the ground as a man flees a shooter down a snow-covered alleyway.

These video screenshots show a man running from a shooter (top) and a man firing a gun at a different person who is also running (bottom).

Three shootings were caught on camera over the weekend in Minneapolis.

One video shows a man running down an alleyway near 39th and Chicago Avenue South. He stops abruptly, turning to run the other direction while a faint voice can be heard. Gunfire then erupts in the man’s direction. Bullets can be seen skipping off the ground, fired by a shooter apparently located off to the left of the camera’s view.

A second camera located in north Minneapolis captured the sound of what seems to be a three-round burst cutting through the night.

A third video shows a man in a white hoodie standing in the middle of the street firing at least two shots at another person running across the top of the frame, over a block away. The man with the white hoodie then runs away towards the left of the frame, followed by another person who he seems to know.

“911 was called. No response,” writes the man who posted the third video. “One of the homes [in] that area will be up for sale. Residents have had enough.”

While these videos may be shocking, what they show is not unique. Over the last week alone, there have been dozens of reports of shootings and ShotSpotter activations across the city, according to a map maintained by the police. While multiple reports could correspond to a single shooting, this map provides at least a rough estimate of how much violence occurs in Minneapolis and where the most dangerous areas are.

Minneapolis Police Department


Kyle Hooten

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