Walz Skips Out On Meeting With President Trump, Says He’s Too Busy

Thirteen new governors — Republicans and Democrats alike — met with President Donald Trump Thursday. Notably absent? Minnesota’s Governor-elect Tim Walz.

The meeting, which included members of the president’s cabinet, covered a wide range of topics from infrastructure to the opioid crisis, and is a part of the administration’s efforts to reach out to state officials to “open lines of communication.”

According to Walz’s team, the incoming governor was too busy working on his new administration to attend the meeting.

“The governor-elect is in Minnesota building his incoming Administration and is unable to attend the meeting at the White House,” Walz’s spokesperson Kayla Castaneda said in a statement to media.

State Rep. Anne Neu (R-North Branch), incoming Deputy House Republican Leader was quick to voice her disappointment in Walz skipping the meeting, adding that she hopes Walz makes building a “productive working relationship” with the president a priority.

“Minnesota needs a strong relationship with our partners at the federal level—including President Trump—as we work on issues like health care, infrastructure, combating the opioid epidemic, public safety, and more,” Neu said in a statement. “I hope Governor-elect Walz will make it a priority to meet with President Trump in the near future and work to build a productive working relationship with the White House.”

Walz has also missed some key votes in Washington.

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Christine Bauman