Walz to announce ‘pause in a whole lot’ of activities Wednesday night

The governor is set to make the announcement on Wednesday night at 6 p.m.

Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm and Gov. Tim Walz. (Minnesota Governor's Office/YouTube)

Gov. Tim Walz said during a Minnesota Department of Health briefing that restrictions on school sports and a “whole lot” of other activities will be announced Wednesday. 

During the Tuesday briefing, Gov. Walz said that the new regulations to combat COVID-19 will impact youth sports for the current and winter seasons. He said the U.S. is in “probably the worst surge of COVID” since the beginning of the pandemic and that the upcoming regulations shouldn’t be a surprise.

“If we don’t get a handle on this, it’s not going to be a choice whether we keep it open, there’s going to be no coaches to coach and we’re going to have more kids in the hospital,” said the governor. “It is inevitable with this growth. So we’re going to issue some guidance around this. Again I’m not telling you anything that should surprise a whole lot of people, that we’ll have a pause in a lot of these activities.”

Echoing concerns from recent briefings, Walz said he is more worried about COVID-19 cases coming from “mini-spreaders” such as Thanksgiving dinners than from super-spreader events.

“And I worry that after Thanksgiving if we have literally thousands or tens of thousands of these mini-spreader events, it will be catastrophic,” said Gov. Walz.

Tuesday is the second day in a row that Walz has hinted at a new wave of restrictions. The governor is set to make the announcement on Wednesday night at 6 p.m., when he will release details on regulations for “bars, restaurants, fitness centers, gyms, youth sports and social gatherings,” according to MPR. 

“We’ll have a pause in a whole lot of these activities but we’re being thoughtful about where it’s hitting, what we can do, and how to best get us back to a place where we can do these activities,” said Walz.


Judah Torgerud

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