Ward 6 Knee Deep in Voter Fraud Scandal

Dirty Civil War in Minneapolis Progressive Politics

Abdi Warsame
Abdi Warsame

MINNEAPOLIS- City Council candidate Mohamud Noor released a statement calling out voter fraud occurring in the Minneapolis Ward 6 city council election.

The allegation came right after Noor removed his challenge against Abdi Warsame, who was confirmed to have won the election in a recount.

After a preliminary review of the voter data which was provided to us last Friday,” Noor said, “we have found evidence that at least one hundred people appear to have voted in our election who do not live in Ward 6.”

The final vote count put Warsame and Noor extremely close in numbers, with Warsame’s victory margin being only 239 more votes than Noor.

“Because a recount can not address these irregularities, we will bring this evidence to a court to determine what to do with these findings,” Noor’s press release continued, “It is our responsibility to make sure that the integrity of our democracy is protected, and that these irregularities are fully investigated.”

Warsame was quick to respond.

“Today, a recount by the Minneapolis City Election’s Administrator confirmed the results of the 6th Ward City Council race and my margin of victory stands at 240 votes”, Warsame continued, “Mr. Noor now claims to have evidence that at “least one hundred appear” to have voted who do not live in Ward 6. This is a reckless, irresponsible and outrageous claim. To believe Mr. Noor is to believe that the City Elections Administrator is derelict in her duties, that election officials failed in their responsibilities, and that voters in a primarily East African Ward committed fraud and are guilty of felony crimes.”

Warsame snarkily finished, “If Mr. Noor believes people voted illegally, he can bring his “evidence” to County Attorney Michael Freeman and seek felony prosecution. Or perhaps he can bring his claims to Donald Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.”

Both Warsame and Noor are progressives with Noor receiving endorsements from Black Lives Matter and Our Revolution Minnesota.  Noor campaigned extensively on the platforms of ‘community policing’ and a $15 minimum wage.

In the last days of the election, Noor accused Warsame of not being progressive enough and used a letter from a list of ‘progressive’ Minnesota representatives, including Raymond Dehn and Ilhan Omar, that implied he was the “only” progressive in the city council election.

“[Warsame] has aligned himself with big business interests and the Minneapolis Police Federation who fund his campaign, over the needs of working families,” the letter condemned Warsame.

Anyone who has been found to have committed election fraud will be convicted of perjury, a felony.


Henry Carras