WATCH: Some University of Minnesota Students Don’t Mind Going to School With Felons

Students React to The U’s Decision to No Longer Screen Student Applicants for Felonies

Minneapolis, MN – The University of Minnesota may soon be seeing more felons on its campus. The U of M recently decided that it will no longer be asking students on their applications if they have a felony background – Alpha News went to the University to ask students if they still feel safe.

The students had split responses, ranging from fear to delight.

A student and small business owner said, “I hire felons because I don’t think a stupid mistake when you’re young, because of maybe a drug-related instance, should be penalized.”

Several students suggested screening applicants based on the felony they committed. 

Screening applicants with felonies was the practice previously used by the University. New applicants, however, will only be asked if they have committed a sexual offense. Bob McMaster, Vice provost of the U, told the St. Paul Pioneer Press that admission questions about criminal history discourages people from completing their application and has no effect on campus safety.

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Julia Erynn