What’s In A Name? Mahad Aziz Gouges Out Eyes Of 74 Year Old Rochester Man, Twin Cities Media Blackout Ensues

A ghastly news story out of Rochester, Minnesota made international headlines this week: Mahad Aziz gouged out the eyes of a 74 year old Rochester man while also knocking out most of his teeth. Police could not find the eyes. Later, conflicting reports said only one eye was lost and the other badly damaged. 

Twin Cities news media didn’t run a single story about it. Why not? Clearly this is one of those stories you wish you hadn’t read but the sheer horror makes for instantaneous transmission around the world because of its depravity and infrequency. Rochester media naturally covered the story widely and, for the most part, responsibly.

Why the Twin Cities media blackout? Why is the United Kingdom’s Daily Mail covering the story just south of us but our brave Daniel Pearls make a point of not covering it? And make no mistake: the media blackout is a conscious decision and because of the perpetrator’s name. There is no other reason. Diversity is our strength; refugees and illegals are better than you. Only gauzy puff pieces that refuse to admit reality will be produced for you to consume.

As one might suspect, genuine mental illness is in play here, not the fake kind of mental illness that CAIR trots out when another member of the religion of peace follows the literal dictates of his faith and murders. No, Aziz has been involuntarily civilly committed and is under guard while receiving psychiatric care. There’s no good ending to this story.

Contrast the Twin Cities media blackout with their coverage of another appalling story: an eight year old child being thrown some thirty feet to the ground off of an Apple Valley water park slide by one Roman Alexander Adams, 18, of Maple Grove. Note the use of the middle name, like some famous assassin. The headlines also called him a man but they don’t when it involves a non-white of any religion, preferring to use the word “teen” so as to connote youth.

But those are rules designed for the advancement of their preferred narratives, not for honest and impartial coverage.

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Photo credit: Rochester Post Bulletin

John Gilmore

John Gilmore is an author, freelance writer & former opinion columnist for Alpha News. He blogs at minnesotaconservatives.org & is @Shabbosgoy on Twitter