Will a Third Party Candidate Be Participating in the 2016 Presidential Debates?

A large portion of the American voting population is seeking out a third option for president. The dissatisfaction with the two front runners is showing in the polls. In March NBC and ABC news conducted caucus exit polls, which showed 37% of GOP primary voters would seek out a third party option if Trump was the candidate. In a recent Monmouth national poll Governor Gary Johnson, who is running as a libertarian, received 11% of the votes in a three way race against Clinton and Trump.

Johnson doesn’t think this momentum will end, explaining that if any candidate receives 15% in the polls they can participate on the national stage in the debates.  Johnson tells Alpha News that if this were to occur, he’s very certain he “would be the next President of the United States.”

At the Minnesota libertarian presidential caucus Johnson won 75% of the votes among the other candidates. Be sure to subscribe to Alpha News as we continue to track all sides and aspects of the 2016 presidential election.