Winner: Media’s Attempt To Replace Criminal Behavior With Racism

Now updated with insults from our Regressive Left media!

Congratulations to Paul Kane of Mankato who wins this week’s Alpha News media bias contest for noticing a recently developed narrative made out of whole cloth in the service of a Regressive Left agenda: people’s behavior doesn’t get them arrested, it’s their skin color. There is no objective, fact-based foundation for this new claim but that doesn’t stop the media. Everything is racist and they’re here to “prove” it.

Kane submitted a Star Tribune story by Libor Jany with a headline “Study: American Indian women in Mpls. disproportionately drawing police attention.” I’ve called this One Study Journalism.™ Basically, this involves taking a study the reporter likes and inserting it into a narrative that is being pushed. Often times it can be the starting point for a narrative because in additional to being liberal, media are lazy.

Andrew Mannix, also of the Star Tribune, is pushing a similar narrative only this time in a frontal assault on the FBI Uniform Crime Report, which is released every year. I had a brief, pleasant exchange with him on Twitter which, frankly, I won. It’s not hard if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s what you need to know & never forget: different ethnicities commit different crimes at different rates. Period. Mannix’s last attempt in our discussion at discrediting the FBI was that their reports assumed all criminals were caught and there’s never any police misconduct. That’s nonsense: these reports are the single best indicator of who in America commit which crimes how often and have been for decades.

Here’s a link to the FBI Crime in the United States report for 2016: blacks committed more than 50% of homicides for that year while being approximately 13% of the population. What’s more, not a lot of black women commit murder. This is the reality media tries to ignore or transform outright. In addition, Hispanics are lumped in with whites for these reporting purposes. They can be stripped out to show even starker ethnic contrasts.

The observation that some groups commit grossly more crimes than others is not controversial, it’s a commonplace. It’s certainly not racism; it’s well documented behavior. Think of it as the “Religion of Peace” canard only applied to non-terrorist crimes.

Generally speaking, black and hispanic neighborhoods have higher crime rates than white. Media are loathe to report this truth and are actively trying to obscure it with their “racism causes arrest rates.” Don’t buy it for a minute.

Thank you Paul Kane for your discerning eye. Your $50 Visa gift card is on its way. Thank you to all the others who submitted media bias stories. Please keep them coming.



Our local media responds to my criticism not with anything substantive or by telling me I’ve missed an important part of the story. No, I get called names!

“Delusional dumbass” is the only thing Andrew Mannix could muster to say to me. He’s married to MinnPost democrat with a byline Brianna Bierschbach, for maximum epistemic closure.










John Gilmore

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