Woman carjacked during middle school basketball game

The carjacking occurred in the East Middle School parking lot.

Wayzata East Middle School (Wayzata Public Schools/YouTube)

A carjacking took place during a middle school basketball game in Plymouth, Minnesota, on Sunday afternoon.

Chace B. Anderson, superintendent of Wayzata Public Schools, wrote a letter obtained by Alpha News that broke news of the crime to staff and families.

The carjacking occurred in the East Middle School parking lot. East Middle School is part of the Wayzata Public Schools district but is physically located in the city of Plymouth.

As the female victim was walking into the school, a male of unknown age approached her and demanded her car keys. When she refused to give them up, the perpetrator snatched them from her hand and proceeded to steal her vehicle.

Superintendent Anderson said the woman was uninjured and the perpetrator did not brandish a weapon.

Carjackings have become all too commonplace in Hennepin County and surrounding areas over the past year. Minneapolis suburbs typically considered “safe” are increasingly targeted by roving bands pulling on car door handles and sneaking into open garages.

That’s why Anderson relayed some important safety precautions courtesy of the Plymouth Police Department.

“Always have your mobile phone handy — and charged,” he said. “Be aware of your surroundings. Pay attention to people who seem to be lurking or cars that suspiciously follow you. Call 911 and use your key fob or other car alarm if you feel a threat.”

“Don’t sit in your car with the door unlocked or the windows rolled down,” he added.

As of Anderson’s letter, the suspect of the East Middle School carjacking has yet to be arrested. An investigation into the crime is currently underway.

Update: This article has been corrected to reflect the fact that East Middle School is located in Plymouth, not Wayzata. 


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