Woodbury mother charged with murder after child she allegedly beat dies

On Wednesday, June 16, police learned that the 5-year-old girl had been taken off life support that morning and had died about 20 minutes later.

Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed/Washington County Jail

A Woodbury woman with a history of mental illness is facing a murder charge after one of two children she is accused of beating has died.

Sadiyo Ibrahim Mohamed, 32, was charged late last month with attempted murder and assault after police responded just before 1 a.m. on May 26 to multiple 911 calls on reports of an adult female chasing a child down the street and a child screaming.

When police arrived on the 400 block of Lake View Alcove in Woodbury, Minnesota, they found Mohamed. She was staring into the distance and repeating an unknown Somali phrase, the complaint stated.

Officers were alerted to several people screaming that a baby was dead in the street. Police found a 5-year-old female child who was unresponsive with her hair soaked in blood and bleeding severely from the head.

The girl was transported to the hospital in critical condition and was diagnosed with injuries including a skull fracture, brain bleed, lacerated liver, broken ribs, and her entire body was covered in bruising and lacerations, the complaint said.

A 6-year-old boy was also transported to the hospital with a possible broken arm. Police found another 3-year-old child in the house who was unharmed.

On the sidewalk in front of the residence, officers observed a pool of blood and directly next to it was a long skinny piece of wood or similar type of object.

During a subsequent interview, Mohamed told police that she had a mental illness and had been previously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Mohamed said she had been off her medications for a couple of months.

Police, accompanied by a social worker, spoke to the 6-year-old boy at the hospital who told them that his mother had hit him on his arm and head with a hard object. He said he hadn’t done anything wrong and didn’t know why his mom was mad. The boy told police that he saw his mother hit the older of the two sisters all over her body, and she said that she didn’t trust the girl. The boy said the youngest sister was asleep and didn’t get hit.

The boy was diagnosed with a contusion on his forehead and severe bruising on his arms but no broken bones.

On Wednesday, June 16, police learned that the 5-year-old girl had been taken off life support that morning and had died about 20 minutes later.

Prosecutors amended the charges against Mohamed to second-degree murder and second-degree assault.

Mohamed remains in custody in Washington County Jail on a bail amount of $1 million. Mohamed has retained a private attorney and is scheduled to make her next court appearance on August 2.

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