1 dead, others injured at St. Paul funeral for homicide victim 

Police located four adult males suffering from gunshot wounds when they responded to the scene.

Police respond to a shooting Monday outside a funeral 400 block of Humboldt Avenue. (

Four people were shot and one is confirmed dead after a shooting took place in St. Paul Monday morning outside the funeral of an alleged gang member.

Casanova Carter was murdered Feb. 1 in retaliation for robbing and beating multiple rivals, a source told Alpha News. He was killed in a house on the 700 block of Winslow Avenue and no arrests have been announced in connection to his death. According to Crime Watch Minneapolis, police requested the contact information for a gang unit at the time of Carter’s murder.

Carter’s funeral was shot up Monday around 11:20 a.m. on the 400 block of Humboldt Avenue.

Carter was identified in a 2015 report on a clash between rival gangs. He was federally indicted in 2016 on firearm charges and identified by the nickname of “King Stomp,” Crime Watch adds.

“Sadly, we’re here today to talk about a tragedy on top of a tragedy,” St. Paul police spokesperson Steve Linders said during a Monday afternoon press conference.

He said police located four adult males suffering from gunshot wounds when they responded to the scene. One’s cheek was grazed, another was shot in the neck, a third was shot in the stomach, back and leg, and a fourth was shot in the throat. This last victim, a 28-year-old, died as a result of his injuries. A second victim is in critical condition.

A fifth victim showed up to the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds, but it’s unclear if he was shot at the funeral home, according to Linders.

Investigators don’t believe the shooting was a random incident, Linders said. He said there were “multiple shooters.”

St. Paul police announced Tuesday that the deceased victim has been identified as Agustin Martinez, 28, of Crystal.

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